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F21. Best Practices for Graceful Member Exits

Letting people go is a difficult but necessary part of the student leader’s job. When needed, it must be done quickly and with as little drama as possible. The benefit of building a strong evaluation system as explained in F.20 Evaluating Members is that you will be able to identify those members who are not ...

F20. Evaluating Members

Now that you’ve learned how to design a good policy, you’ll have to create a system that can track compliance. Evaluating members can be rather tricky, and the success of your system will depend in large part upon its clarity and fairness. That being said, evaluation of some sort is necessary for a successful organization ...

External Events: Requirements

External events encompass any event that requires your members to engage with non-members and vendors. These can include performances, fund-raisers, and competitions.

The Fundamentals Framework

Initiatives with specific timelines and tangible outcomes should be broken into the following steps: assess requirements, planning/testing, execution, and documentation.

Welcome to the Fundamentals!

Welcome to The Fundamentals! The skills taught in this section are vital to making any organization function. These chapters will teach you how to become a great manager. You will master logistics, set appropriate goals and rules, and optimize your finances.