Table of Contents

The Introduction

I1. What is Leadership?
I2. Member Types by Passion
I3. Member Types by Personality
I4. Creating a Constitution
I5. Case Study Method

The Fundamentals

F1. Welcome to the Fundamentals!
F2. The Fundamentals Framework
F3. Gaining Power
F4. Achieving School Recognition
F5. Delegation
F6. Internal Events: Meetings, Practices, and Socials
F7. External Events: Requirements
F8. External Events: Exhibitions
F9. External Events: Travel
F10. External Events: Fund-Raising
F11. Recruiting: Online Presence
F12. Recruiting: The Activities Fair
F13. Recruiting: The Information Session
F14. Recruiting: Tryouts
F15. Recruiting: Planning Initiation
F16. Recruiting: Initiation
F17. Reform, Change, and Goal-Setting
F18. Building Effective Policies: Requirements and Planning
F19. Building Effective Policies: Execution
F20. Evaluating Members
F21. Best Practices for Graceful Member Exits
F22. Budgeting and Budgeting Negotiations
F23. Dues and Fundraising
F24. Board Elections and Appointments

The Advanced Toolkit

AT1. Welcome to the Advanced Toolkit!
AT2. Emotional Intelligence: Baselines
AT3. Emotional Intelligence: Interpreting Body Language
AT4. Emotional Intelligence: Motivation (Part I)
AT5. Emotional Intelligence: Motivation (Part II)
AT6. Emotional Intelligence: Dealing with Difficult Members
AT7. Emotional Intelligence: Dealing with Conflict
AT8. Emotional Intelligence: Mental Health and Trauma Guidance
AT9. Dealing with Outside Organizations
AT10. Retaining Talent and Inspiring Potential
AT11. Leadership Training
AT12. The End and the Beginning


N1. Prioritize Yourself to Prioritize the Team
N2. How to Start from Nothing
N3. The Why of Student Organizations
N4. Internal Event Flexibility
N5. Inclusion & Diversity: Speaking Truth to Power
N6. Hazing and the Initiation Process
N7. Political Capital and Change Management
N8. Categories and Rules of Rewards and Punishments
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