As a leader, you are responsible for all the operations within your team. There’s simply not enough time in the day for you to do everything. You must learn how to delegate tasks and how to delegate them well. 

Achieving School Recognition

As a leader, the first thing you should check is whether your group is recognized by your school. Recognition generally confers important benefits such as participation in the activities fair, a budget, and permission to operate.

Gaining Power

Before you can lead, you must gain power.

The Fundamentals Framework

Initiatives with specific timelines and tangible outcomes should be broken into the following steps: assess requirements, planning/testing, execution, and documentation.

Welcome to the Fundamentals!

Welcome to The Fundamentals! The skills taught in this section are vital to making any organization function. These chapters will teach you how to become a great manager. You will master logistics, set appropriate goals and rules, and optimize your finances.

Prioritize Yourself to Prioritize the Team

Don’t forget that you’re also a member of your organization. There are times when you need to prioritize yourself in order to prioritize the team.

Case Study Method

In this blog, I will explore leadership concepts that can be, at times, abstract. Therefore, I will be using three case studies to provide concrete examples of these concepts in action. These organizations include the Speech & Debate Team, Consult For America, and the Judo Club.

Creating a Constitution

One of the first, and most important, actions you must take when running a student organization is building and affirming a constitution, otherwise known as a mission statement.

Member Types by Personality

Diverse members make a diverse team. Diverse teams lead to better problem solving and new creative ideas. When selecting your members, it's important to try and recruit a variety of personalities and perspectives.

Member Types by Passion

Your organization is defined by its members. Without great people, you cannot have a great team. Therefore, much thought and effort should be put into identifying the individuals who will be most dedicated to and most passionate about what your organizations does.

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