Welcome to the Advanced Toolkit!

The Advanced Toolkit will teach you how to manage your people including topics on emotional intelligence, personalities, and motivations.

Welcome to The Advanced Toolkit! As a student leader, you’ll quickly discover that being proficient at logistics planning and member deployment are necessary but not sufficient for success. Managers are great at optimizing logistics and building structure into complex systems. However, your perfectly planned activities fair and fancy exhibition events (complete with perfectly heated pizzas) are rather useless if your members are unmotivated. If the goal of The Fundamentals is to teach you how to be a great manager, The Advanced Toolkit will teach you how to become a great leader.  Leadership is understanding the beating heart of your organization: your people. Your ability to manage the diverse personalities of your members will play a pivotal role in transforming a flagging organization into a functional one and a functional organization into a great one. Since we will be spending most of our time discussing emotional intelligence, personalities, motivations, and other contingencies, we’re going to drop the rigid framework outlined in The Fundamentals section. Each post will instead focus on the importance and explanation of specific concepts, their implementation, and additional resources. The Fundamentals is about optimizing process; The Advanced Toolkit is about optimizing people. For that, you’ll need to be flexible and adaptive. After all, the ability to predict your budget is one thing; the ability to predict your people is something else entirely.

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